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 Τι θα συμβεί αν συνδυάσεις τελευταίας τεχνολογίας ανθρακονημάτινο πλαίσιο με υψηλής αντοχής ψαλίδι αλουμινίου;




RENT A FAT BIKE . You can book now one in our firm for 5€/Ηοur 15€/Day . Working Hours: Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 21:00. Sunday 10:00 – 17:00. More info: +0030 6996176159  +0030 2373022297


Book now a 29"er alloy mountain bike in our Firm from  2€/Hour 10€/Day. 


Amsterdam Καλλικρατεια

Σας περιμενουμε στο νέο μας  καταστημα στην Ν.Καλλικράτεια Χαλκιδικης.

merida silex 300



There’s a certain beauty in just riding without watching the time, heading wherever you feel the urge. For those rides, our new SILEX makes total sense; our most comfortable and versatile road bike ever. With its modern MTB inspired geometry; long top and head tube and short stem it offers nimble and confidence inspiring handling.


Looking for just the right blend of comfort and performance in a mountain bike? We know how you feel - and that's why we created the Access Exc.

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Schwalbe Hurricane

Ελαφρύ, αθόρυβο, με χαμηλή αντίσταση κύλησης ιδανικό για στεγνό αλλα και βρεγμένο οδόστρωμα για γρηγορες βολτες σε μακρυνές ασφάλτινες  αποστάσεις και με σωστή πρόσφρυση σε εκτός δρόμου διαδρομές.Το ιδανικό ελαστικό για καθημερινή χρήση.

Αντιανεμικά - Αδιάβροχα

 Ένα καλό αδιάβροχο jacket, όχι μόνο θα σας προστατέψει από την βροχή, αλλά θα παρέχει και την απαραίτητη διαπνοή για να επιτρέπει την θερμότητα που παράγεται από το σώμα σας λόγω της άσκησης να διαφεύγει προς το περιβάλλον και να μην εγκλωβίζεται και σας θερμαίνει.




If you believe that true freedom can only be experienced when you're willing to try something new, we've got the perfect bike for you. 3.950€

orient twin

 Δοκιμαστε το νεο 2θεσιο ποδηλατο της orientbikes για μια μοναδικη εμπειρια 




Amsterdam Καλλικρατεια

Σας περιμενουμε στο νέο μας  καταστημα στην Ν.Καλλικράτεια Χαλκιδικης.

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rent a bicycle in halkidiki, 

 Take a tour to the excavations at ancient city of olynthos: From the N.Moudania port, ride a flat strecth leading out of the town parralel to the.. read more

  1. The bike renting right belongs to those who are 18 or over 18 years old, know how to ride a bike and are aware of the Highway Code.
  2. The bike renting right also belongs to the minors who know how to ride a bike, ONLY IF there is an adult parent or guardian attendant, who will undertake the responsibility for the supervision of the minor by signing an affirmation document declaring it.
  3. It is necessary for the renting agreement the display of an ID card or passport or driver's license, which will be photographed by the operator of the renting firm.
  4. If the operator of the firm judges that a person is unreliable for renting a bike, he can refuse the renting without further explanation.
  5. The estimated time for the bike's return is declared at the bike's receiving time and the extra (in case of delay) overall charge will be calculated according to the time of the bike's return and according to what is defined at renting- cost chapter.
  6. The receiving and returning of the bikes will be taking place from Monday until Sunday from 09:00 – 21:00  at the predetermined place while the renting bike center operator is present. The responsibility for the returning time for  the bike belongs fully to the user. For the receiving of the bike it is necessary that the user's identification proof is adduced.
  7. In case of inability of returning the bike (at the estimated time) the user is obliged to inform the operator by calling at the phone number 6996176159. Also in case of loss, theft, destruction of the bike, the user is obliged to inform the operator at the same phone number.
  8. In case of loss, destruction or not returning the user is obliged to pay the amount of money corresponds to the value of the bike's purchase  .In case of loss, destruction, theft or not returning the bike that was rent to a minor, then responsible for the above mentioned obligation is the parent of the guardian who signed the bike renting agreement or the declaration for the use of the bike by the minor.
  9. The control of the good condition and function of the bike is held by the user at the time of receiving it. At the time of receiving the bike and in case of its malfunction, the user has the possibility and obligation within the time of 10' to return the bike to the operator and receive another bike.
  10. In case of damage of the bike , that may occur during its use, the user has the obligation to inform immediately the operator at the phone number 6996176159 and will be charged  with the amount of  money that corresponds to the purchase of the spare or replacement parts for its repair. In case of damage of a bike that was rent by a minor, the responsible for the  above mentioned obligation is the adult who signed the agreement.
  11. Necessary precondition for the bike renting is the undersign of an affirmation declaring: i know how to ride a bike .i am healthy and in good physical condition to ride a bike, i do  not have any medical advice against riding a bike or any vision problems, i myself realized that the bike i will be using is in good  condition and functions properly and correctly, i am aware of the risks includes to bike riding and especially at areas that pedestrians walk/move, and cars and other vehicles move, i fully and exclusively undertake the responsibility of anything that may happen to me or other persons and other properties by my movements during the time i use it. I fully exempt and absolve the operator, the workers and generally the firm “Amsterdam bike shop”  from any claim or complaint (indictment) raised by me, my family, my property's representatives, my heirs or my procurators for the results of the use of the bike and my movements, in any possible case of damage, harm, injury or destruction that may be caused to me or by me to other persons or properties, being me the only responsible for the above mentioned. I fully accept after having read the bike renting regulation by the firm under the name “Amsterdam bike shop” run by Triantaffylos Karras which is not at all responsible for any case of mis-or bad use of the bike from it's user or in any case of his her non following the terms of this regulation, as well as in any case that hurt, damage, etc may be caused t the user or by the user to other persons and properties.
  12. The bike and all its equipment should be returned as the were received at the prearranged time and place. The return of the bike after the agreed and prepaid time will result to an extra charge according to this regulation.
  13. In case of any damage, loss or theft of the bike, the user must fully undertake the cost for replacing the bike or its fitments.
  14. The business DOES NOT undertake any responsibility for accidents, injuries, harms, damages etc that may happen during the use of the bike by the client/user. In this case the client/user cannot for any reason drop charges to the firm or any person related to it and quits any claims against the firm.
  15. The business maintains the right to charge the cost for using the bikes.
  16. Renting cost: The renting is personal and it is defined by the time between receiving and returning the bike  a)Minimum charge is defined at 2€  and corresponds at 1 hour of renting time.  For 24hours at 10€. B) For weekly renting the charge is defined at 50€
  17. The charge will be done with simultaneous giving of a receipt to the client by the operator.
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